About EB–5 Visa

  • How many EB-5 projects has the company completed so far?
  • How much is the required investment? Is there an Administrative Fee? How much?
  • If the investment is $800,000 which Authority certified that the area of development of the project qualifies as a Targeted Employment Area?
  • Could the EB-5 applicant be asked to invest additional moneys over and above the initial amount at a later date?
  • What percentage of the overall funding does the EB-5 project
  • How much equity is invested in the transaction? Is that below the EB5 investment in the priority of payments?
  • Is there a bank debt above the EB5 in the priority of payments? Is it already in place, i.e. committed? How much is the debt?
  • Is the applicant paid a fixed interest on his investment? For how long?
  • If not, how is it determined? How often is it paid?
  • Does the developer provide project completion guarantee?
  • How many jobs are created per investor?
  • What precautions are taken to monitor job creation? What steps are taken if the requisite job creation has not occurred?
  • Who has prepared the Economic Report that outlines the estimated job creation estimate? Is the Economic Report available for investors to see?
  • Is there an appraisal of the property value upon completion? On a percentage basis, by how much does it exceed the total capital expenditure of the entire project?
  • If I-526 is denied, will the investor be refunded his entire investment? Is this clearly spelled out in the Subscription Agreement and the Private Placement Memorandum?
  • Does the investor have to make any deposit or pay any fee for the offering materials?
  • Does the Regional Center provide regular reporting of the status of the investment to the investors? If so, how often?

About Immigration

  • How many I-526 approvals?
  • How many I-526 denials? Reasons?
  • How many Conditional Green Card approvals?
  • How many Conditional Green Card denials? Reasons?
  • How many Removal of Conditions approvals?
  • How many Removal of Conditions denials? Reasons?

About Regional Center

  • When was the Regional Center established? When was I-924 approved?
  • How long has the developer been in business? Prior to this offering, have they previously funded through EB5?
  • Does the developer have a standalone rating from leading, global rating agencies such as Standard & Poors and Moody's?
  • When can the investment be sold? When can client receive his investment back? How many investors have received return of investment so far?
  • How is the amount determined?
  • Will potential retrogression of other investors affect the timing of the return of principal beyond the required five year holding period to investors whose I-829 applications have already been approved?
  • Will early completion and execution of exit strategy of the project necessitate return of principal to investors whose I-829 applications have not yet been approved or have been approved but the required five year holding period has not yet been fulfilled? If not, what plans do the Regional Center have in place to redeploy the funds in order not to jeopardize the I-829 approval?
  • How many years of experience does the general partner or principal in the investment project have in working with immigrant investor programs?