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International investors who aim to immigrate to the United States while making a meaningful financial contribution, typically in the form of a real estate investment.

EB-5 issuers

EB-5 issuers, typically real estate developers, looking into EB-5 as an alternate funding method for their projects.

Carefully evaluated projects

While no investment comes with zero risk, our professionals carefully evaluate both the investment projects and the qualifications of prospective investors.

What is EB-5?

What is EB-5?

Around 3,500 EB-5 visas were issued in the 2011 fiscal year which marked an 80 percent increase from 2010. The program, which caps the number of visas issued annually at 10,000, hit its annual limit for the first time in August 2014. This growth speaks particularly to the increased confidence in the program due to USCIS transparency, efficiencies in the application process, and growth in the number of Regional Centers established across the United States. The numbers speak for themselves. This process is dependable and valuable. If you can make a $800,000 investment commitment in a project that will generate ten jobs or more, then you could also be on the way to getting a Green Card for you and your family by applying for an EB-5 visa today.

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