Introduction to US Green Card through EB5 for Filipinos

Introduction to US Green Card through EB5 for Filipinos

Webinar entitled, “Introduction to US Green Card through EB5 for Filipinos” hosted by ESME Philippines.

Participants will discover how America EB5 Visa makes it possible for Filipinos (and other nationals) to obtain a green card in the United States!






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EB-5 Topics Covered:

  • Basic features of the EB-5 program
  • Advantages of obtaining a green card through EB-5 for Filipinos
  • The timeline: How long does the process typically take? Why have processing times increased in the last couple of years
  • Some of the new developments in the EB-5 market that could shorten the time frame
  • Various methods investors might decide to use to fund their EB-5 investment, as well as the challenges they might face with the source of funds: Do the funds have to come from overseas, or can investors use the income earned in the US? Do the investors have to deposit the EB-5 funds all at once, or can they deposit invest in installments?
  • How does one pick the right EB-5 project? Describe the due diligence process? 
  • Retrogression: Does that apply to Filipino investors now or in the near future?
  • The minimum required investment amount increased last year in November. Is there any chance that it might go down again? Should investors wait and see?
  • Options for Filipinos who are already in the United States with an F1 visa: Do they have to go back to the Philippines before they are eligible to apply?
  • The requirement of an investment to be “at-risk”: How can investors mitigate this risk?