Who are the Investors?

EB-5 Investors are citizens of countries other than the United States who would like to obtain “Green Cards," or permanent residency status, in order to live, work, and perhaps one day become citizens of the United States.


Why would investors choose EB-5 Regional Centers?

The primary goal of investing in an EB-5 Regional Center project is to obtain a Green Card in a fast, efficient, and seamless way. Additionally, EB-5 Regional Center projects allow investors to retrieve their capital as soon as they are eligible. As mentioned elsewhere in this website, while there are no guarantees in investing, America EB-5 Visa personnel ensure that investors have the information needed to invest in sound Regional Center projects undertaken by real estate developers with a proven track record.


What services do we provide to investors of Regional Center sponsored EB-5 projects?

Applying for a Green Card can be confusing. There are many steps and a number of papers/forms to complete. One of our greatest prides at America EB-5 Visa is our commitment to provide Regional Center investors with all the necessary information throughout their Green Card application process. Collaborating with project sponsors, immigration attorneys and security lawyers, we answer all questions investors may have while completing the Investor Questionnaire. We will be a live resource while investors navigate through the private placement memorandums as well as any other offering documents. Additionally, as investors complete their specific Subscription Agreements, we ease the process of gathering necessary data for the investor's I-526 immigrant investor visa petition. We will clarify and explain any and all confusing sections or perplexities including but not limited to filling out the Source of Funds Questionnaire.