Podcast Interview with Matt Trusch

EB5 Guru, Matt Trusch, spoke with Marko Issever, CEO of America EB5 Visa, on the newly reauthorized EB5 Program and asked the following questions:

  • Could you please share something interesting about your background, such as personal stories?
  • How did you get into EB-5?
  • How did you and your clients deal with the nine months of limbo?
  • How did you manage their expectations throughout this period?
  • What do you think of the new EB5 Reforms?
  • Which reforms do you feel improved the program, and which the opposite?
  • What is your outlook on how the market will react to these?
  • E2 vs. EB-5?  E2 + EB-5?  What are various opportunities going forward?
  • Tell us about your team of eb5 superheroes and how they are helping “save the day”?
  • Where can we find out more about your firm?

Please click the link below to listen to the interview and hear Marko’s answers: