Dr. Joseph Santhappan

Dr. Joseph Santhappan

Chief Representative and Country Manager of India

Dr. Joseph Santhappan is a Christian minister deeply involved in Humanitarian work in India and Asia. He joined America EB5 Visa because he believes in the American way of life. He wants the people of other nations who wish to come to the United States to live, to learn, and to grow for a better future should be able to do so. 

Dr. Santhappan is the Special Humanitarian Ambassador for the United States of America through the United States Presidential Services Center. He also serves as a World Peace Ambassador for World Peace Tracts based in Jerusalem, Israel.  He has cross-cultural work experiences and learning in countries like Singapore, South Korea, Cyprus, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States.  He has a wide range of corporate work experiences in General Administration, Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, and Leadership Training.

Dr. Santhappan, who has an outgoing personality seeking to help others, dedicated his life to promoting kindness and compassion. He reveres and honors the Almighty and values all people equally and highly. He believes that people rise in life by lifting others. 

Dr. Santhappan has completed his master’s and doctoral degree programs in the United States.