Juliana Rigato-Piekarski

Juliana Rigato-Piekarski

Brazil Business Development

A native of Brazil, Juliana Rigato-Piekarski was born in Brazil in a town near the Paraguay border. She earned her J.D. and Master of Law degrees in 2011 and in 2015, respectively, from Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo (PUC-SP) specializing in Immigration, Family Law and Human Rights. Prior to studying law, Juliana earned her B.A. in History and Education from the University of Sao Paulo (USP). As an active attorney, Juliana has been a member of Brazilian National Bar (Order of Attorneys of Brazil - Seccional of Sao Paulo, OAB-SP) since 2012. She is fluent in Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and English.

As part of her continuing education following her master’s degree, Juliana served for three years as an Assistant Professor at the JD Program at PUC-SP where she specialized in Human Rights and Adolescent Law. She also coached and trained new attorneys for the Brazilian National Bar Exam.

Besides being a skilled researcher, ready to assemble pertinent data and perform relevant analyses, she served as a member of the planning board for an educational manual about racism and discrimination toward Childhood at CEERT (Center for Studies of Labor Relations and Inequality). She is also an active academic reviewer of the Videre, a biannual journal edited by the Faculty of Law and International Relations of UFGD, Dourados-MS, Brazil.

She has earned the trust and admiration of her clients through her passion in helping them no matter how difficult their individual case might be. She is concerned about the challenges each immigrant faces and therefore she advocates for their fundamental rights. Women’s empowerment is a huge professional and personal goal for Juliana. As such, she has recently begun contributing to her Jewish Community in Brooklyn, NY, where she draws on her background and experiences to assist the Women's Mental Health Care, ensuring that they can attain self-confidence, and lead happy and productive lives.

The unique individual attention that Juliana gives to her clients at large is what makes her an invaluable asset for America EB5 Visa.