Satsuki Toikai

Satsuki Torikai

Chief Representative and Country Manager of Japan


Satsuki joined America EB5 Visa in the fall of 2022 to provide turnkey support for our outbound Japanese EB5 clients. In this role, among other things, Satsuki assists the EB5 applicants with translation services and all other paperwork necessary for proof of source of funds, arguably the most complicated part of their I-526 petition. Aside from EB5-related matters, Satsuki also works with inbound Japanese clients seeking "Permanent Residence" and "Business Manager" status of stay in Japan.

Before joining America EB5 Visa, Satsuki held various international professions. After she graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo, she worked in the Sumitomo Corporation, where she conducted the exportation of satellite earth stations to Eastern Europe. She then joined the IBM Asia Pacific Group's personnel division to support inbounds to Japan for visa and related services. Today, in her private practice, she holds a license as an administrative scrivener.