30 Years

Our team is completely comprised of uniquely qualified professionals who once shared your dream of immigrating to the United States. We understand your reservations, your worries, and your fears. Most importantly, we understand that every situation is different.
Our management has experience working on Wall Street for over 30 years, structuring fixed income transactions and reading complicated private placement memorandums. We are used to identifying a large portion, if not all the risks inherent in every investment. We work on formulating direct and indirect mitigants to help alleviate concerns investors might have. These risks can neither be identified nor mitigated through a simple reading of documents. In this fashion, we distinguish ourselves among typical local professionals who might solely rely on the sponsoring real estate company’s global reputation. We appreciate your desire to understand the finer details of your investment. Therefore, utilizing our investment banking background, we can highlight the essential key points of concern and advantage of each project.



Marko Issever

Chief Executive Officer

Niso Zakuto

Global Marketing Director

Masami Hibino

Head of Asian Business Development

Esther Malka

Global Outreach Director

Ingrid Chen

Head of China Business Development

Shanker Merchant

Head of South Asia Business Development

Chi Tong

Head of Vietnam Business Development

Chai Kim

Head of Korean Business Development

Juliana Rigato-Piekarski

Brazil Business Development

Daniel Baum

Head of Latin America Business Development

Shalom Sibony

European Coordinator

Fatima Chughtai

Head of Pakistan Business Development

Siye Song

China Business Development

Anwar Akkari

Marketing Director for Arabic speaking countries

Sara S.

Hungarian Business Development

Julia Mineeva

Russia Business Development

Turkey Representative Office

Ayça Apak

Chief Representative and Country Manager of Turkey

Japan Representative Office

Yoshida Hiroaki

Chief Representative and Country Manager of Japan

Vietnam Representative Office

Dr. Van Dinh

Chief Representative and Country Manager of Vietnam

Korean Representative Office

Young Kwan

Chief Representative and Country Manager of Korea

Philippines Representative Office

Pamela Pfeil

Chief Representative and Country Manager of Philippines

Zimbabwe Representative Office

Bradwell Mhonderwa

Country Manager of Zimbabwe